What started as a work strategy…

What started as a work strategy has ended (or at least “middled”) as a way of living.  I wake up at 5:09 am every morning.  OK, sometimes 5:11 or even 5:19.  But 5 ish.  On the weekends, sometimes I go back to sleep, or read for an hour before going back to sleep, only to wake up an hour later with my hand cold and stiff, book or kindle clutched convulsively in it.  Today, I got up.  I’m in the living room.  By living room I mean the room where the ducks live and the people sometimes visit.  The current 5th grade craze at L. School is ducks.  Rubber ducks.  Ninja ducks, 70’s ducks, Diva Ducks, Superhero ducks.  What a great craze!  One of my favorites by far.  That said, they have taken over our tiny living room.  So as I write, queen of all I survey, I can share a…well, survey of what I survey.  There should be a picture around this here post somewhere.

I also survey some darned dirty windows.  They are old–our house was built in 1940 or so–but not centuries old.  They don’t really come clean.  Soon we will have some of them replaced and my view will change a little bit.  So, dirty window.  Through the dirty window is the lovely light of early morning in Brunswick, Maine.  I’m giving a talk at Bowdoin on being a math teacher on Tuesday and I really need to figure out which of the million things I could say I will say and how to have it hang all together.  Too, I need to review the plans for tomorrow’s classes.  I have 23 minutes left in my audiobook and need to consider ordering Christmas cards.  But for now, it’s early morning and the house is quiet. Oh, delicious.


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