Post Party Evaluation

OK so here is the feedback.  It is 7:45 pm and the party ran from 1-4 officially, but from 1-7:45 unofficially.  Phaedra and the twins just left and we had SUCH a good time together.

  1. 22 adults and 9 children expected.   Some people came at 4, accidentally, but otherwise, everyone came!

  3. 4 dozen bagels (6 cinrais, 6 plain, 6 poppy, 6 pump, 6 onion, 6 everything, 12 sesame)  18 bagels left over.  Could probably have done with 3 dozen.
  4. 3 small containers chive cream cheese.  2 would have been great.
  5. 1 large container regular cream cheese (Sarah’s bringing).  Good.
  6. 3 medium containers cucumber salad  Could probably have done with 2.  Yes, 2.
  7. 3 medium cole slaw  Definitely could have done with two.  One even.
  8. 1 potato kugel  Completely delicious.  Baked for 50 minutes, not 25 (I think Gerry’s oven is a little cool.) and cut into chunks.  Wonderful.
  9. 2 lb of nova salmon.  Perfect.
  10. 1.5 lbs thick baked salmon.  Perfect.
  11. .5 lb. baked salmon thin.  Perfect.
  12. 1 lb “fresh” ham.  Perfect.
  13. .5 lb Black Forest ham.  Fine.
  14. 1 lb Zabar’s turkey.  Probably 3/4 lb would have been fine.
  15. 4 knishes – spinach, broccoli, potato, and potato cabbagge.  All gone except 4 quarters.  5 would have been fine, but no more.
  16. 3 cheeses – brie, cantal, fontina vallarta – 1 lb each.  Didn’t need any where near what we had.  2 lbs. would have been fine.
  17. 2 Sullivan St. baggettes.  Perfect. 
  18. 2 containers of olives, and 1 container of pickles (cornichons).  Perfect.  Quite a few extra but the perfect amount extra.
  19. 1 chick pea salad.  Good.
  20. 1 lb. creamed spinach.  Good 1 lb.
  21. 2 boxes small black and whites – 12 oz. size.  Could probably have 3.
  22. 1 pumpkin cheese cake (Sarah).  Excellent.
  23. 1 chocolate chip strudel.  Fine, but could have been apple.  Didn’t matter.  Didn’t really count as a chocolate.
  24. Phaedra brought Apple Tart.
  25. Sarah brought a Pumpkin pie too.
  26. David and Nancy brought an almont coffee cake that a lot of people loved.

Other highlights of the party include Josie and Maggie and Enza doing scavenger hunts with Mikaela and Jaden and Nadia and Sophie.  Josie and Maggie entertaining the twins later on.  Sophie, master of the computer.  Enza, wearing my scarf. 

Home tomorrow!



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