Why doesn’t Barnes and Nobles sell books that I want?

I was so happy.  Jim shooed me out the door at 4 to go to the bakery I really wanted to go to.  I did my usual, walked almost all of the way there, panicked, sure I had gone the wrong way.  Went back.  Realized I had been right.  Went forward.  Passed Barnes and Noble.  Wondered whether I should stop now or on the way back.  Decided to keep going, sure that if I stopped, the bakery would close; but equally sure that if I kept going it would turn out to be open til 9.  Found the bakery–VERY small but with a satisfyingly long line.  Ordered 5 cookies that cost $20.  SO worth it.  Went back via B&N but now really turned around.  Took forever and a lot of wandering around to go 5 blocks straight from the bakery.  Rats. 

ANYWAY.  What’s wrong with them?  NPR did a write up of 4 books and B&N had none of them.  Here’s the link:  http://www.npr.org/2010/11/19/131442476/oh-to-be-young-the-year-s-best-teen-reads  Nor did they have, it turns out, Jim and Josie’s books the day before.  Quite strange.


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