Zabars Deliciousness

Every year, at Thanksgiving time, I go with my father-in-law to Zabars, in New York City.  Gerry’s a life-long New Yorker and knows everything there is to know about everything, including Zabars.  I provide a willing pair of hands, a desire to try everything that a Zabars counterman can be pursuaded to let us try, and a commitment to returning home with pickles and chocolate.  Every year we have the same conversations about how much fish to buy; whether smoked or baked salmon; what kind of cheese;  how much ham per person;  whether the kids eat the turkey; how many bagels or knishes?  This year we had a great time, as always.  I ran upstairs and bought myself a Zabars lunch bag and a Zabars mug for my Secret Santa person at work and a spreader for Barbara and Gerry.  Who doesn’t need a spreader?  But we think–Gerry and I–that it would be a good idea to record for…well, ourselves a year from now…what we bought and how it held up.  So here’s the tally, in no particular order:

  1. 22 adults and 9 children expected.
  2. 4 dozen bagels (6 cinrais, 6 plain, 6 poppy, 6 pump, 6 onion, 6 everything, 12 sesame)
  3. 3 small containers chive cream cheese
  4. 1 large container regular cream cheese (Sarah’s bringing)
  5. 3 medium containers cucumber salad
  6. 3 medium cole slaw
  7. 1 potato kugel
  8. 2 lb of nova salmon
  9. 1.5 lbs thick baked salmon
  10. .5 lb. baked salmon thin
  11. 1 lb “fresh” ham
  12. .5 lb Black Forest ham
  13. 1 lb Zabar’s turkey
  14. 4 knishes – spinach, broccoli, potato, and potato cabbagge
  15. 3 cheeses – brie, cantal, fontina vallarta – 1 lb each
  16. 2 Sullivan St. bagettes
  17. 2 containers of olives, and 1 container of pickles (cornichons)
  18. 1 chick pea salad
  19. 1 lb. creamed spinach
  20. 2 boxes small black and whites – 12 oz. size
  21. 1 pumpkin cheese cake (Sarah)
  22. 1 chocolate chip strudel

Other highlights of this trip–much of which did not include me because I was at home teaching and watching Harry Potter 7 part 1 at the IMAX–include:

  • Barbara and Gerry taking the girls to the Flying Karamazov Brothers, where among many other examples of epic silliness and juggling virtuosity they juggled, at the same time a bottle of wine, a dead goldfish, and a cake frosted (although not for long!) to look like a turkey.
  • Josie and Maggie hosting a restaurant at the apartment complete with menu, servers, 3 course, and a bill.
  • Trips to museums and bookstores and the Neuhaus chocolate shop.  I’m hoping later today, after the party, to go to the Levain Bakery on 74th street.  It is the only other place I really wanted to go here.
  • A deliciously warm apartment

Love from New York,   Michele


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