February Break 2011

1.  A lovely two day stay at the Harraseeket Inn–the girls wore the hotel supplied plush bathrobes,  swam in the pool (India joining them on Tuesday), ordered room service, wore the bathrobes, had tea every afternoon, indulged in the full breakfast at the inn every morning, shopped in Freeport, wore the bathrobes.  Maggie purchased fake glasses and Josie several wooden carvings at Mexicali Blues.  We arrived on Monday afternoon only so I could turn around and go back to Bowdoin to see Donald Knuth with several students.  Well worth the trip back.  Dr. Knuth seemed not entirely comfortable talking but everything he said was either interesting or mysterious, both worthwhile in their own way.  Jim and I remembered our rehearsal dinner at the inn.

2.  Invitation for Kate and Drew’s wedding and shower came.

3.  Lots of skating on the green.  Maggie got some skates and Josie upgraded and they both are doing really well.  We had Franny and Pearl with us one afternoon and India joined us, and we went once with Josie and India only to arrive and find that Amber was there too, to hang with Maggie.  We met Kate and Nate and Maddie there one morning for a brief skate.

4.  Friday was a snow day and certainly would have been if we had been in school.  I’m tired of snow days and 8-12 inches of snow, but we made it.  Ventured out to Wild Oats and Bart & Gregs to get a movie.  The girls and I ate lunch, watched the Karate Kid on my laptop

–interuption…from the other room “Josie!  Josie!  Look at our SNOW MOUNTAIN!  Look look look!”

and made macaroons from the Rockland Petliciousness cookbook.

5.  Maggie has decided that the first notes of On Top of Old Smokey are the same as those beginning the Star Spangled Banner.  Josie is to start piano lessons on Tuesday with J. Cameron at the same time as Molly and Maggie.

6.  Working on curvy quilt that I can’t remember the name of but need something that I can do in smaller chunks.  I’m thinking of making prequilted squares/rectangles that I can sew together by hand while listening to audio books.

7.  Talked with PB about the sense of obligation that can come along with the best sorts of activities.  I liked the idea that we all of us love most the activities or tasks that are characterized by “effortless effort”.

8.  Dad and Mom back from cruise.  BJ with new birthday ipod/iphone.

9.  Jim and I started on Project Grownup Bedroom.  Moved things around, cleaned, and ordered a headboard.  Yes!

10.  When I go back to school, I’m finishing logs and graphing with the Precalc students and Trig with the HGeo students.  Must call bankers to speak this week for Personal Finance.

11.  Reading.  Had a great evening at Borders with Sheryl (just before meeting Sheryl, Cheryl, and Elizabeth at Lion’s Pride) last Saturday night.  Jim was out of town for his grandmother’s and father’s birthdays (97 and 70 respectively) and yep, I got a babysiter.  BL came and the girls had a great time.  Anyway, I bought Sandman Slim, Black Blade Blues, the new Anne Tyler (something about Adam…no, no… Noah.  Noah’s Compass.  Read the back and couldn’t put it back in the pile.), and something else?  No, I think that’s it.  When in Freeport, I ended up getting Otto Penzler’s The Lineup.  I haven’t been able to put that down;  all essays/stories by mystery writers about their main characters’ evolutions.  (That’s a lot of plurals.)  Still reading The Bards of Bone Plain, Patricia McKillip’s new one.  Did finish Sandman Slim, and Black Blade Blues, and finished rereading the entire Tiffany Aching series via audio.  Thank you Terry Pratchett.

12.  This break was good for friends.  Pam and I watched some Vicar of Dibley.  Karen and I had time to sit at the counter, have a glass of wine, and discuss the best way to cut curly hair.  Sheryl and I had fries and sat in Borders and she bought me a Chocolate Phantom.   Mmm, Phantom.  The gathering at Lion’s Pride was really fun.  Seeing JT at Knuth’s talk was fun too.


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