Mother’s Day Weekend

1.  Watching a lot of Bones.

2.  Into the Mud Challenge with Karen for her birthday with her sister, Kristen, and their friend, Erica.  Kristen’s husband Andy took pictures and was generally really great for coming.  Kristen brought presents for Karen and delicious cake.  We were all muddy and wet by the end.  I had a really good time, although, like Karen, I was exhausted the rest of the day.

3.  Mother’s Day 2011 – Krakken by China Mieville and a handheld computerized sudoku game from Jim; a necklace, travel cup, and chocolate from Maggie; a painting from Josie.

4.  Went dress shopping with Josie and Maggie.  Josie got such a cute dress from goodwill and two beautiful dresses from TJ Maxx.  Maggie got a tshirt and shoes from Goodwill and a dress and skirt/shirt combo from TJ Maxx.  Nice mother and daughters stuff.

5.  Taco night.  Josie chopped up all the veges while I cooked the meat and Maggie worked on her book project.

6.  Correcting a lot of stuff right now.

————Time passes——————

7.  OK, so I am correcting a lot of stuff, and writing memos, and generally having not such a swell time at work, and the house is dirty and I have a cold and am tired but that’s all I can really think which is pretty good and also…

8.  Maggie is presenting her book report to Jim in the other room–her cute little voice and she’s so smart and she has a wonderful new haircut that is so sophisticated that she got yesterday, and Josie is upstairs too grown up but beautiful and thoughtful and funny.  And I have a good book to read.  And I like how my house is all woody and yellowy from lamplight and comfortable, dirty or not.


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