One Saturday in June (peri)

I wake up at 4:30 a lot these days.  Today I walked down to the Topsham bridge.  It is a beautiful morning, in the 40s, light out with a big sunrise over the river  (the one under the bridge).  Today I’m shop hopping with my mom.  I’m going to bring the Lunch Bags book and get some supplies for this summer, and I am going to get some sort of vinyl to back the beach mat I’m making for Karen.

This week is the week before the last week of classes.  In fact, I’ll be giving a final on Friday.  I had academic awards night on Thursday and gave out five awards.  I had detention duty on two of the days…on one day my Mom picked up the girls and on the other day, Sheryl watched them on the playground for me, but I forgot to tell her.  Good thing Maggie was on it.  During the detention, an issue arose that then required that I attend to it in interesting ways the next day.  Jean’s going away POETs event was Friday after school.  Jim and I went out to El Camino’s with Kate and Jonathan.  My parents picked up the girls and brought them to their house and Jim went and picked them up after El Camino’s.

I don’t know what to do with all the stories that I am carrying around with me.  I feel overflowing.  Just wait, I guess.


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