6.17.11 first day of summer

  1. After Paula’s retirement party last night, Josie Maggie and I went to Cathy’s house for bookclub with Pam.  I just couldn’t leave all the childcare to Jim again!  We had a nice time walking there and then Maggie and Josie both talked about their books.  I had another class of wine though and was clearly in for a migraine.  Eventually, around 10, I took Excedrin Migraine, but when I woke up at 11:30, I was awake until 3:30.  Hello, Bones!
  2. This morning, we were all still asleep at 7:45.  Boy we were pooped.  The sadness of Longfellow closing and Josie graduating from 5th grade and everything just wore everyone out.  I did some summer shopping (pool, sprinkler, paper plates, groceries, etc.) as fast as someone operating on little sleep can and Jim accepted our visitors from 309 (Molly and Greta) at around 9.  When I got home we switched and he headed out for a while.  The girls had lunch and played in the sprinkler.
  3. Lamishqua for dinner.  Mom and Dad came too.  I grilled the steak but also onions and peppers.
  4. Also in the night I read much of Hell is Empty by Craig Johnson.  SO GOOD.  I called Mary to let her know that it is available for her.  Finished this morning and shed a tear or two.  What now?

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