6.18.11 Day 2

Transitionary, for me.  Low, a little bit of grieving, big plans, hard to start.  I’m trying to accept small movements forward.

  1. Going to try for a bbsitter so we can go out with Kate and Jonathan to see new Woody Allen movie and dinner at Lilee’s.  Josie is going to a sleep over with Zoe having just been to Maeve’s last night.  She’s taking a nap now.  I assume Jim is too.  I’ve got to go get Maggie from Maddie’s birthday party at 2.
  2. Cleaned out the pantry.
  3. Ran father’s day errands. – Peach Cobbler Jam and Marzipan from Market Basket, Bat Moose t-shirt from Cool as a Moose, converse shirt from Target, Mike Birbiglia book coming from Amazon.
  4. Had fun last night ordering $400 worth of equipment for my math classroom from the Bradley grant.  Yay!
  5. Reading Krakken.

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