6.20 and 6.21.11 already lost track of days

Backwards in time from the present…

  • Tuesday 7-9:  Just returned from two hours at Borders with Karen.  Sheryl joined us in the end.  Good thing we were there early because there were only four copies of Smokin’ Seventeen on the shelves!  Karen and I had fun talking about marriages and then Sheryl came and took our minds off things having had probably one of the weirdest days ever, with her Mom coming to live at 309 and all.  She gave me a ride home.  A slurpee was called for.
  • 5:30 – 6  Had Indian food with Josie and Jim.  Josie picked the restaurant and we had great conversation.  When we walked in the man grinned at Josie and said how glad he was to see her again.  She had just been there the day before with Brigette Brescia.  Before we went to dinner, we stopped by Katie’s and gave Maggie her medicine.
  • 4:30-5:30  Not sure what went on, but I did go get Josie from Buff’s where my parents had brought her.
  • 9:30 – 5:30  Maggie at Katies for all day (till 9 pm) playdate.  She was a little worried that Katie would monopolize the play so I talked with Katie and Chris about it and they were responsive.  Set up a code phrase with Maggie.  If I ask her if she wants an iced tea and she says yes, or if she asks me to buy her an iced tea, then she wants to come home.  Slightly hilarious.  Josie went to Nana and Pupa’s.  Quilted with Mom a lot, learned part of Fur Elise, went with my dad to get fries and a dog across the street.  I stayed home and worked on the playroom.  Finished Tess Monaghan mystery – Baltimore Blues and started book two Charm City.  Watched a Bones or two.  Went to Target and purchased Josie’s birthday present and a whole bunch of organizing boxes for the playroom.
  • 10 pm Monday – 6 am Tuesday  Slept.  Without interruption.  With my husband.  Thank you, Andrea and GasX.

I don’t feel like continuing backwards like this.  I don’t remember much about yesterday already, but Maggie and I went to the doctors to talk about her stomach aches.  I think that went well and we had a plan for the evening that seemed to work.  We started out at the library with Kate, Maddie, and Nate, but ended leaving Josie behind and taking Maggie home b/c of stomach ache.  Josie walked over the green and met Ms. Brescia and 7 of her classmates for Indian food.  I cooked two big chickens, potatoes, carrots and made two giant pot pies and also a pan of brownies and mom made the pie crust and blueberry muffins.

Somewhere around this time I read more Krakken and also An Artist of the Floating World.


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