Wednesday Thursday June 22 & 23?

  • Forgot to bring cookies to booksale volunteers on Thursday.  Was forgiven.  Must bring on Saturday.
  • Maggie slept til around 4 both days and then got into bed with us.
  • Franny and Pearl came over for a short playdate yesterday.
  • Josie and India had a sleep over on Wednesday night after they spent the day together on Tuesday and had Cordy’s good-bye party on Tuesday night at Maeve’s house from 4-8.
  • Playroom looks great- took hours and hours of work and the rest of the house is still suffering.
  • Wednesday Maggie went to Nana and Pupa’s house and had a wonderful time.
  • I was having a wonderful time in my house cleaning and dubbing around.  It was great.
  • Headachy and down on Thursday.  No reason aside from the usual, on Friday.

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