summer 2011

I never think that summer is over til my birthday so still 4 days to go.  This summer has been unexpectedly complicated but has some highlights too.  I don’t do quotations, no matter how hard I try I can’t remember them or remember that I’m supposed to remember.  That said, my mother shared a quotation from a book she is reading currently with me and it gets at the heart of stuff with my brother this summer:  “You were unsure which pain is worse: the shock of what happened or the ache for what never will.”  [Everything Beautiful Began After, Simon Van Booy, 2011 ] Also on the table as a major overarching theme is the relationship not just between kids and their parents but specifically mothers and daughters.  Andrea and Sheryl and Judy.  Me and Josie and her new 11 year old self, not wanting to play guys with Maggie anymore and taking long walks with girl friends.  Me and Maggie and her new 9 year old self, still confidently playing with guys but sometimes with younger kids that she is “sitting” and also her stunning perspicacity.  Me and my own mother.  Barbara and Sylvia and Cindy and Nancy.  So I default to a list, as always.  And end with a picture of the stacked books quilt I made for Jean on HER birthday last month.  I’ll try to post a picture of my banjo, my birthday present from Jim.


1.  The air in Maine is sweet and soft in the summer.

2.  Laura Lippman mysteries.

3.  Bones.

4.  Making a playlist of songs from Bones.

5.  Walking in the mornings.

6.  Getting to die at home with your family.

7.  Getting to tell your family the truth.

8.  Being part of a community that helps each other in diverse and mysterious ways, as well as all the normal ways.

9.  Our Library.

10.  Taking quilting class with my mom, sharing recipes, calling each other, watsu.

11.  Unfinished Business 2011 – got to learn how to crochet a necklace and almost finished putting together a quilt.

12.  Learning how to play the banjo!  My one lesson with Neil James.

13.  Cleaning the basement with my Dad.

14.  Learning how to make floor cloths with Karen, my Mom, and Sharon.

15.  Making a stacked books quilt for Jean and getting to go to her surprise birthday party.

16.  Reading and working through Knots and Surfaces.

17.  Texting Sheryl many nights late.

18.  Going to McDonalds for an iced tea with Dad.

Not so good

1.  Having to change your life unexpectedly, in a way that affects some of your deepest held desires.

2.  Dying at home with your family.

3.  Needing a lot of help from your awesome community.

4.  Feeling confused and uncertain so much of the time.


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